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Únase a más de 850,000 profesionales invirtiendo en su éxito cada día.

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Software Diseñado para un Retorno de Inversión Real.

La plataforma de ConstructionOnline combina herramientas de primera clase de construcción con el valor último de propuesta. Estimado avanzado, cronogramas superiores, y soluciones compresivas de administrar proyectos se unen para proveer el mejor retorno de inversión de la industria.


Dynamic Tables

Take a fresh look at your project data with new Dynamic Table views.

Everyone likes to view their data differently. The new Dynamic Table provides the flexibility to see information in Tables, Groups and Boards - along with the power to get useful insights with Filters, Sorts and Search Tools.


OnPlan Scheduling

Always know what’s up next with the Milestone Timeline View.

The new Milestone Timeline view keeps you up-to-date and aware of what’s ahead - days, weeks and months down the line. Milestones can also be marked complete from within the Milestone Timeline view.


Client Selections

Create choices quickly with the new & improved Selection QuickPick tool.

The Selection QuickPick tool pulls product info directly from vendor websites, saving you time and effort compared to manual entry. It’s also been updated to pull more data including SKUs, model numbers & more.


Proveemos herramientas de vanguardia para ayudarle a tener éxito:
vea que es nuevo & mejorado para ConstructionOnline 2023

New & Enhanced Financial Tools for 2024

  • Quantity Multipliers are now available for Multi-Family versions of ConstructionOnline
  • New Excel Estimate Exports added, including exports for Reference, Import and Accounting
  • Improved Excel Imports include QuickBooks Actuals, Invoiced and Committed values
  • Automatically link all estimate items when creating a new costbook from an estimate
  • Room & Phase Columns added, along with columns for Stage, Trade, Type and Group
  • Floor & Building Columns added for Multi-Family and Enterprise versions of ConstructionOnline
  • TrueVision Profit Tracking View shows Estimate, Selections and Change Order profit values
  • Estimate Work-in-Progress Report added to TrueVision Reporting
  • Reason for Rejection field added to Change Order details
  • Change Order Item Images can now be included when printing Purchase Orders
  • Cost Codes can now be included in Change Order Summary Reports
  • Overdue Notifications can now be sent for Change Orders
  • Change Order Work-in-Progress Report added to TrueVision Reporting
  • Selection QuickPick Browser Extension updated and improved
  • SKU, UPC and Model Number Fields added to Selection Choices
  • Overdue Notifications can now be sent for Selections
  • Selections Ordered / Delivered Report added to Financial Reporting
  • Selection Work-in-Progress Report added to TrueVision Reporting
  • Cost Code Reporting Tool added, showing all items and tasks assigned to specific Cost Codes
  • Change Order Proposals & Summary Reports can now include Cost Codes
  • Daily Log Reports can now include Cost Codes
  • Create Purchase Orders directly from Estimates, Change Orders and Selections
  • Create Bills from approved Purchase Orders
  • Record Payments for Bills, or directly to Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Settings define who can approve Purchase Orders and if Work Verification is required

TrueVision Reporting

See project profitability at-a-glance.

Get a high-level understanding of project profits - broken down by Estimate, Selection and Change Orders - with TrueVision™ Profit Tracking.


Cronogramas OnPlan™

Ajuste cronogramas en tiempo real con movimiento de tarea de clic y arrastrar.

Hacer cambios a sus cronogramas es más fácil que nunca. Simplemente, elija de donde mover y luego haga clic y arrastre para elegir la fecha donde mover.


Enhanced Scheduling & Calendars for 2024

  • Milestone Timeline Blade shows a chronological timeline of project milestones
  • New Auto-Shift™ Mode can be enabled to automatically shift task dates when marked complete
  • Additional Filters added for schedule Gantt and List views
  • Assigned Resources & Cost Impacts can now be shown in the Gantt view
  • Schedule Delays can now be inserted from the Gantt view
  • Schedule Baselines can now be shown in the Gantt view
  • New Schedule Columns added, including Baseline Start & End and offsets for Start, End & Workdays
  • Improved Prints including the option to print Groups & Subgroups only, and to only print tasks for a date range
  • Recent & Upcoming Dashboard now includes schedule tasks
  • Search Tools added to Calendars
  • Filtering Calendars by Event Type now available in Calendars
  • Speed Improvements Calendars now load 75% faster

Daily Logging

Brand new interface and log types for Daily Logging

ConstructionOnline Daily Logging has been re-designed to make data entry easier and more intuitive. New log types - including Scheduled Resources, Manpower and Custom Logs - have also been added. Any log data entered is now auto-saved to ensure nothing is lost.


New Logging & Quality Tools for 2024

  • Fully Redesigned Interface including more customization options and view modes
  • New Custom Logs are fully customizable, and can be structured to best fit your company’s needs
  • New Scheduled Work Logs auto-populate your daily log with any tasks from the project schedule for the day
  • New Scheduled Resource Logs auto-populate your daily log with any scheduled resources for the day
  • New Manpower Logs allow multiple resources to be recorded, along with trades, cost impacts, cost codes and more
  • New View Options including the ability to show and hide log types and re-order them on the page
  • Auto-Saving ensures no log data is lost by accident
  • New Dynamic Table™ Interface includes new List, Group By, & Board views and added styling & view options
  • New List View features inline To Do creation, more columns and better sort & filter options
  • New Board View features easy click-and-drag organization and customizable view options
  • New Group By View features compound filter options, total & average rows for groups, and much more
  • New Subtasks allow secondary tasks to be created for To Dos for an added level of detail
  • Set Folder / Punch List Order added, giving users the ability to set the order of folders & punch lists on the page
  • Punch List Issue Report added, allowing users to generate a report showing only Punch List Issues
  • Default Text Blocks now included in all Punch List reports
  • Full-Screen Mode added for Punch Lists

Búsqueda Mejorada

Encuentre lo que necesite en un segundo con más maneras de buscar.

Herramientas avanzadas de búsqueda ahora están disponibles en todo ConstructionOnline, así puede encontrar toda la información que busca en un corto tiempo.


Selecciones de Cliente

Monitoree fechas de orden y entregas de selecciones.

Monitoree cuando los materiales para opciones de selecciones han sido ordenadas y entregadas.



Knowledgebase now improved & expanded.

Find answers to your questions and get the most out of ConstructionOnline with 60+ new help articles, FAQs and workflows.


New Documents, Reports & Exports for 2024

  • New Proposal Presets allow users to create and save presets including proposal styling and structure
  • Better Text Customization lets users adjust the document title, subtitle and proposal section labels
  • Improved Signatures include the ability to add custom signature text and line labels
  • New Custom Breakdowns allow breakdowns by Room, Phase, Stage and more to be included in the proposal
  • New Change Orders Order / Delivery Dates Report shows if and when materials were ordered and delivered
  • New Subcontractor Agreement - create contracts for material and labor line items from project estimates
  • Punch List Issue Report added, allowing users to generate a report showing only Punch List Issues
  • New Selections Order / Delivery Dates Report shows if and when materials were ordered and delivered
  • New Print Views for Messaging Conversations and Announcements
  • Cost Codes Added to various reports across ConstructionOnline
  • 20+ New Reports added for ConstructionOnline
  • New Estimate Exports include Exports for Reference, Import and Accounting
  • Improved Estimate Imports include QuickBooks Actuals, Invoiced and Committed Values
  • New Change Order Export includes more details like Change Reason, Added Workdays, Ordered Dates and more
  • Call Logs can now be exported to Excel

Insurance & Certificates

Reduce risk and liability with detailed Insurance Tracking.

Ensure your company has all the critical insurance documents and certificates needed in case of audits, inspections, accidents and more.


Excel Imports & Exports

Discover more ways to export your data from ConstructionOnline.

Now there are even more ways to import and export data into and out of ConstructionOnline - including improved Estimate Imports & Exports, detailed Change Order Exports, WIP Reports and much more.


New Insurance & Permit Tracking for 2024

  • Create and Track Certificates including Insurance, Bonds, Licenses and Certifications
  • Assign to Companies & Employees to ensure proper coverage is in place
  • Expiration Tracker Dashboard provides visibility for upcoming expirations within 90 and 30 day windows
  • Automated Expiration Reminders can be sent to internal and external recipients with customizable text
  • Export Certificate Info to Excel for easy sharing and reference purposes
  • Create and Assign Permits for your projects in ConstructionOnline
  • Securely Store any Supporting Documents needed for future reference
  • Custom Reminders can be set for upcoming and overdue expiration dates
  • See Upcoming Expirations with the visual Expiration Tracker
  • Export Permit Info to Excel for easy sharing and reference purposes

OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard

Style Presets are Now Available for the OnPoint™ Proposal Wizard.

New Style Presets let you set and save colors, table formatting, detail level and more for one-click proposal styling.


Projects of all kinds run better with ConstructionOnline.

ConstructionOnline is engineered to be flexible yet powerful enough to increase efficiency for jobs across the construction industry.

Todo tipo de Proyectos funcionan mejor con ConstructionOnline.

ConstructionOnline está diseñado para ser flexible pero poderosamente suficiente para incrementar la eficiencia de los trabajos a través de la industria de construcción.

"One of the best investments we've made! Our communication process has become more streamlined ... it's become an essential tool that we can't do without."

- Integrity Custom Builders

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